Jean-Philippe Courtois on “The good entrepreneur”

Heard of The Good Entrepreneur? It’s a TV show where entrepreneurs from across Europe compete for a hefty prize package of €250,000 by attempting to produce the most amazing, environmentally responsible business concepts imaginable. 

The competition is down to its final 3, with two Brits and a Maltese battling it out, so do try to catch it if you have a chance.

The show’s website recently carried an interview with Jean-Philippe Courtois, President of Microsoft International, who answered three questions submitted by the show’s viewers:

1. What is the most important attribute of an entrepreneur?
2. What can software do in the fight against climate change?
3. How can Microsoft make Windows more environmentally friendly?

A short and sweet three minutes: Click here to hear what he had to say (p.s. you’ll be taken away from this site – we love The Good Entrepreneur, but not their lack of an embed video feature!)