New York Times article on the Dublin Data Centre!

As you may have read before on this site, we opened one of the largest data centres in Europe just last year in Dublin. Large-scale facilities such as this can play a big role in the development of cloud computing, providing companies with better and cheaper computing facilities. Great news to resource-strapped companies in particular.

From an environmental standpoint, what makes the data centre most exciting is the innovative natural cooling system, which permits huge energy savings given that 40% of energy used to run data centres is usually reserved for temperature control.

Here’s Microsoft Counsel Brad Smith quoted in the New York Times article:

“Ninety-five percent of the time the temperature outdoors happens to be the temperature that computer servers happen to love, so we only have to turn on the heat or the air conditioning 5 percent of the time… That means massive savings in energy and a creates a major improvement for the environment.”

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