Big ideas: Craig Mundie talks cloud computing

I had the pleasure of interviewing Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, when he was last in Brussels.

I asked Craig about the development of technology throughout the ages, up to the present day prevalence of so-called ‘cloud computing’ where huge computing facilities online will enable us to aggregate information and orchestrate the activities of billions of connected devices. I really like the way Craig explains the “client and the cloud” concept in our interview. He describes the cloud element as large scale computer facilities which will be the backbone of the internet, and the so-called client devices – e.g. the PC or (smart) phones – being the way we choose to access these cloud services. Craig Mundie believes that future computing will be to distribute applications between the cloud and the client. Together they will create the next environment in which applications will be developed and deployed. Lastly, Craig touches upon the benefits that cloud computing can bring to businesses (SMEs in particular).

Craig Mundie

by MicrosoftEurope