Interoperability and cloud computing

Cloud computing is hitting the headlines, and for good reason: it is providing business and consumers with a vast array of new services. In addition, it is making computing more cost-effective, allowing businesses to do more with less. This is especially relevant to SMEs, which in the past often suffered under the strain of IT costs but can now scale without having to wonder how they can afford to make the relevant upgrades.

However, the adoption of cloud computing will in part depend on developing interoperability of systems within the cloud and the ability to transfer data with ease. For this reason, we recently hosted an event as part of our Interoperability Series which brought together a number of experts to discuss how to best approach issues of interoperability and data portability within cloud computing specifically (read a longer post I wrote about the event here.)

We interviewed a number of the experts, including Joao da Silva, recently retired Director of Network and Communication technologies at the European Commission, Tim Cowen, Director of the Open Computing Alliance, and Gregg Brown, Microsoft’s Senior Director in the Interoperability Group. Please hear what they had to say by clicking below.

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