A switch to cloud saves time and money for the Swedish Red Cross

In this case study, you can read about how the Swedish Red Cross (SRC) has boosted communication within its organisation by 50%, after implementing the Microsoft Online Service cloud offering.

The Swedish Red Cross (SRC) is the largest humanitarian voluntary organisation in Sweden. Their work improving conditions for people requires a great deal of coordination across the organisation, especially when responding to a crisis.

The SRC chose to adopt Microsoft’s cloud offering, Microsoft Online Services, due to two important considerations: cost reduction and the need for reliable and up-to-date communication.

For any organisation moving to cloud services an important consideration is the cost of the transition and whether it makes financial sense in the long run. In the case of SRC, any cost savings will allow the organisation to spend more on its humanitarian cause rather than on IT.

“We estimate that we will achieve a return on our investment in the Notes migration project within two years. Over the next five years, we estimate that we’ll be saving approximately 20 per cent in overall costs.”(Joakim Pettersson-Winter – Chief Technology Officer, Swedish Red Cross)

SEC no longer pays SEK 250,000 (€25,800) for the push email services which were not providing the level of functionality required in the organisation. The changeover also freed up time for the IT department; the IT staff member responsible for managing the previous Lotus notes system now has 25% of his time freed to spend on more strategic development projects. Although it cost reduction was one of the main drivers in the decision to change to Microsoft Online Services, it was also important to SRC that the new system could improve communication and collaboration.

“For an organization like ours, running dispersed operations across the country, Online Services enable field communications that deliver immeasurable benefits. Going forward, every new phone we deploy to staff will be running Windows Mobile 6 to really take advantage of the mobility capabilities within Online Services.” (Joakim Pettersson-Winter – Chief Technology Officer, Swedish Red Cross)

SRC employees are benefiting from the integrated system where they can switch from their PC, laptop or mobile phone and have all the information at their fingertips. Since the launch web mail and instant messaging has gone up by 50% in the organisation, showing the greater ease employees can communicate.

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