Video on raising awareness and strengthening privacy policies – a multi-stakeholder exercise

As our use of the Internet and related technologies evolves, so do our privacy needs and concerns – and possibly too the need to adapt the legal framework.   

We also need to help people to leave a smaller digital footprint by making privacy and data protection a priority in their  choice considerations.

Microsoft is trying to bring together and create a link between all the parties involved in this issue, from governments and companies to regulatory institutions and individuals (end users) who are directly affected by the matter. That is why this year, for the 2nd consecutive time we decided to play an active role by powering the “Think Privacy” Campaign as an important part of our initiatives for Data Protection Day.

You can listen to some very interesting opinions from several stakeholders involved in data protection and privacy issues during Data Protection Day 2010, event taking place in Brussels at the European Parliament.

Enjoy and please tell us what your thoughts are on this matter!