Digital skills open the way to greater social inclusion in Europe

The 2010 Zero Poverty campaign spearheaded by Caritas in Europe reveals that 1 person in 10 with a job in the EU nonetheless lives in poverty.

Caritas is leading efforts during the European Year of Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion building on their long experience in Europe serving vulnerable or socially excluded groups such as immigrants and long term unemployed.  In today’s digital society, no eSkills very often means no job and social exclusion. The recently unveiled Digital Agenda for Europe underscores the interests of Europe’s excluded citizens through heightened measures aimed at enhancing digital literacy and other skills for greater inclusion. Since 2005, Microsoft has collaborated with Caritas around Europe in supporting IT training initiatives for immigrants, disadvantaged women and other vulnerable or socially excluded groups. We commend the work of Caritas eSkills training initiatives around Europe that benefit disadvantaged and excluded individuals helping them find employment and integrate back into mainstream life.

Marius Wanders, Secretary General, Caritas Europa gives us his perspective:

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