Imagine Cup 2010 Youth and creativity push the boundaries for innovation

The world’s premier student technology competition celebrates this year’s winners on the 6 October! The event takes place at the European Parliament and is hosted by Polish MEP Rafal Trzaskowski.

Following the worldwide finals of the Imagine Cup, which took place in Poland, the event is an occasion to present the 2010 competition’s most innovative technology solutions and to highlight the importance of fostering innovation and creativity starting from a young age.
ICT in education is a key priority of both Microsoft and the EU. The importance of eSkills competency to Europe’s economy and society has been recognized at EU level as a long-term strategy to boost the productivity and the employability of its workforce and respond to global competitive challenges.

These and other issues will be addressed by keynote speakers, including:

  • Vincent Van Quickenborne, Belgian Federal Minister of Entrepreneurship and Simplification;

  • Rafał Trzaskowski, Member of European Parliament;

  • Florin Lupescu, Director, ICT Addressing Societal Challenges,DG Information Society;

  • Jarosław Kochaniak, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw

The theme of 2010 highlighted technologies that could contribute to the UN Millennium Development Goals. During the conference, the audience will be presented technologies ranging from a web portal helping to improve the weak medical supply and strengthening local medical infrastructure in developing countries, to a device able to recognize and translate sign language to improve the communication between hearing impaired and the hearing, all developed by high potential young students.

Microsoft continues its commitment to encourage innovation among young people, so we can announce that country and regional finals for Imagine Cup 2011  have started! You can register at

Stay tuned for more information!

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