Germany launches its HealthVault platform for all

I am proud to announce the launch in Germany of Assignio, a health platform powered by Microsoft HealthVault. The platform, which will be operated and marketed by Siemens IT Solutions, marks a change in the way individuals can approach their health and wellness and will steer the German health sector in a new direction.

Attending Medica 2010 here in Dusseldorf, we are expecting to hear various discussions around innovation and development in the healthcare ecosystem and we believe Assignio, using HealthVault technology, is one example of how innovation can change an industry. By introducing HealthVault to the German market Siemens will help bridge the information gap between citizens and the professional medical and healthcare organizations that they interact with on an ongoing basis.

HealthVault provides a central repository for people to record data on their health & wellness, ranging across exercise regularity, diet management, weight monitoring, temperature and blood pressure monitoring. Anyone using Assignio will be able to manage their own health and the health of their families and will be able to store data and easily share this with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. There are  4 categories of services  within Assignio covering:

  • Prevention

  • Fitness and wellness

  • Patient service

  • eMedication

(to help with a patient’s previous medication history)

There is a long line of applications being developed for the HealthVault platform. Data can be entered manually into the platform, through the applications or automatically from a range of compatible devices, such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors and pedometers. The most important aspect of this service is that individuals are in complete control of their own health management and can decide who has access to what information.

We are very excited to launch HealthVault in a second European country. It is already fully operational in the US, Canada and UK, and we look forward to working with Siemens to help boost the opportunities HealthVault presents for organisations in the German healthcare ecosystem. 

Statement SIS:

Roland Neuhuber is responsible for Assignio at Siemens, one of the industry leaders within the German healthcare market.  Neuhuber recently commented that, “With Assignio we are able to offer an e-health solution for all stakeholders within the healthcare industry – but one where the citizen is at the centre. The basic principles of Assignio are trust and security; this is extremely important for us and will allow us to add true value to all users.”

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