Is Europe prepared for the cloud?

In this latest video recorded at the European Summit earlier this year we ask: Is Europe prepared for cloud computing? 

Is Europe ready for the cloud?

Is Europe prepared for cloud computing?

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Listening to the start-ups interviewed, the answer is a resounding YES. No surprise there: the cloud is an ideal opportunity for start-ups, because it enables a pay-as-you-go way to invest in technology. Avoiding capital expenditure in IT makes a lot of difference to a cash-strapped start-up and means they can divert funds elsewhere.

At the EVCA Innovation Exchange event I attended in Copenhagen recently, there was definitely a consensus among investors of the great benefits cloud computing could bring to the IT industry (and how it will diminish CAPEX investments). 

But it’s not just about saving money.  The cloud makes it possible for small companies to compete with big players from day one, offering a truly global and scalable service, using the IT infrastructure of a company the magnitude of Microsoft.  With cloud computing, IT is becoming a utility-grade service, one with high levels of service and sophistication that’s beyond the pockets of most SMEs.  Think about it: businesses don’t generally own their own power plants or telephone exchanges, so why not leave the nuts and bolts of IT infrastructure to someone else too? 

Of course, there are some concerns about cloud computing, such as data protection and reliability (which is why it matters who you choose as your cloud partner – we’ve got one of the best up-times in the industry and cloud is the core of our business).  But cloud has moved from being the new-kid-on-the-block to being an  increasingly proven way to do build new business models and ideas.   

Sure, a lot of organisations and people are facing change and challenges – but cloud computing is a catalyst that will help European technology companies be more competitive on a global stage and help meet the Europe 2020 ICT goals – driving European efficiencies and competitiveness.

But rather than take our word for why Europe’s businesses are definitely ready for the cloud, why not watch the video or take a look at stories from European partners like Threeplicate and InishTech.

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