Early signs of the cloud (R)evolution in health and wellbeing in Europe

Momentum is building around cloud scenarios applied to health and wellbeing. To offer clearer understanding of the possibilities offered by the cloud and to gain insight into the experiences of early adopters, we are hosting the Health Users Group European Summit in Brussels. It will take place on Monday and Tuesday, 29 and 30 November, and will bring together over 60 health customers and partners from 19 countries.

Governments, health ministries, health providers – public and private alike – and pharmaceutical companies have started to use cloud computing to address a variety of business and medical challenges. We are getting a glimpse of the benefits for physicians as knowledge workers. 

The infusion of intelligence and connectivity into a wide range of health devices, complemented by Internet-scale services, is creating a new paradigm for computing. As a result, a new paradigm for health and wellbeing is emerging. Such new ways of managing information translates into an improved experience for patients, leading to better outcomes, more control, more convenience, better and broader service, and ultimately better value for money.

The uptake of cloud computing in a few health provider organisations in Europe has shown impressive gains in terms of cost efficiency. The challenge and the opportunity for cloud computing is to match its ability to deliver solid cost reduction while improving the quality of care and broadening access to health and wellbeing services.

On the occasion of the Microsoft Health Users Group Summit we will launch a Cloud in Health and Wellbeing white paper. Stay tuned for the proceedings of the debate and for interviews to get first-hand perspectives from early European innovators…We will share videos and testimonials soon.

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