Europe could become the seat of real environmental change

Dr. Peter Thomond, from Imperial College provides a fascinating insight into the behavioral changes needed for Europe to become the seat of real environmental change.

Energy week 2010 – Europe as seat of environmental change -

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Peter gives us some great thoughts on how ICT can act as an enabling technology for behavioral change. A range of new technologies now entering the market do not just address direct carbon abatement, but rather provide information and knowledge to people to change their behavior. These technologies are termed as “disruptive innovation” by Peter, and I find this to be a great perspective for understanding the role of the IT industry when it comes to tackling environmental issues. 

An example of how Microsoft is partnering with other organisations to realize this vision is the Eye On Earth project, in collaboration with the European Environmental Agency (EEA). With the Eye On Earth project, Microsoft is helping the EEA simplify the complex tasks of collecting, processing and disseminating complete and relevant environmental quality information to all citizens and governments.

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