Simplifying sales intelligence in the UK with cloud computing

In this case study, you can read about the new way a UK based company is engaging with its customers and building its software business due to the simplicity cloud computing is enabling the deployment of its services.

UK based Artesian reduces the cost, time and pain of filtering the web and social-media so that companies can get quick and accurate access to market intelligence to close sales deals more effectively.  Artesian also helps brand marketers to monitor and respond to what is being said via social media.

Ask any sales person and they’ll agree that having the right customer intelligence quickly and accurately helps them to do their job. The problem is the number of sources of this intelligence is exploding and the tools available (such as search engines) do not make it easy to extract and filter this information into a usable format.  While search tools may deliver many results, this is too unfocused for the average busy business to business sales executive who has very specific information requirements. Artesian solves this issue by enabling users to identify and access the information they need very precisely, including information from social networks such as LinkedIn, blogs and Twitter.  This online application automatically gathers information from tens of thousands of sources and then matches the intelligence it finds to a list of customers, prospects and competitors.  This data is then personalised for the subscriber, for instance delivered as a daily digest via a standard web browser or embedded inside a CRM system. 

For brand marketers, Artesian provides a simple way to track and monitor the conversations taking place on social networks, covering brands, product and services, even competitors.  Artesian is able to do this across hundreds of thousands of media including Twitter, the blogosphere and other forms of user generated content.

This powerful intelligence service involves a range of technologies, including cloud computing, which will enable Artesian to scale the service to meet increased demand, as well as support clients across the globe.

“Artesian has had a business and technical strategy to offer services in the cloud from the very beginning.  Due to the economies of scale that cloud deployment enables, it is the only way we can physically deliver a solution at the price point needed, particularly with the sheer volumes of data we have to process .” 

Andrew Yates, CEO Artesian

For Yates, cloud computing offers more than just a convenient way of hosting computing power. The new architecture for software services creates an entirely new way to engage with customers and build a business. “Ten years ago, if you wanted to try new software you’d have to go to the information technology department and be trained on it. Now you just click on the link and you’re off. There’s nothing to install, no need for training, no security issues: you’re up and running.” This makes for a faster sales cycle and painless scaling up.  “If I want 1,000 people to use it, I just give them 1,000 passwords,” Yates says.

Artesian is also supported by Microsoft through the BizSpark program, which supports technology start-ups worldwide, providing free technology, support and market visibility.   Artesian recently attained the position of BizSpark One, an additional program that seeks to accelerate the growth of high potential startups through a one-to-one relationship between Microsoft and the startup.   Andrew Yates says, “The combination of Microsoft technologies and the support it provides through BizSpark has been an integral part of our business growth so far.”

Key cloud computing benefits to Artesian

  • Scalability – Cloud computing is the only practical way Artesian can deliver such a high volume of data and offer it at the price point that clients want.  This is thanks to the economies of scale that cloud computing makes possible.

  • Reach – Cloud computing means that Artesian can offer a 24/7 service that can be tuned to meet demand

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