Environmental sustainability in the cloud

I wanted to share with you an interesting article that my colleague Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist for Microsoft, recently wrote. His piece offers up some insightful thoughts on a recent study ran to better understand the potential that cloud computing may have to abate carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption for small to large companies.

The Accenture study, commissioned by Microsoft,  is a helpful start in providing data and a spotlight on the cost benefits ratio vis-à-vis the energy (and water) consumption data centers need to run cloud applications. We will be following up with a more in depth video interview on the outcomes of the study with Rob next month on www.microsoft.eu.

In addition Microsoft, SAP, TechAmerica Europe, European Academy of Business  in Society and Johns Hopkins have launched a study, entitled IT to ET, with Imperial College of London to examine what impact cloud technologies can have in European countries and which policies will help accelerate their adoption.

Stay tuned to our Environment pages to catch our latest studies, interviews and reports.

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