Stockholm becoming more environmentally friendly with Windows 7

Stockholm is one of the most networked cities in the world. It is also considered one of the happiest and one of the most environmentally aware. In fact, the city was recently named European Green Capital of 2010. Now, Stockholm is using Microsoft Windows 7 to achieve even better results.

In a bid to better connect citizens with government, and to promote better overall environmental sustainability, Stockholm’s city authorities recently took the decision to base the Swedish capital’s Shared IT Services initiative on Microsoft Windows 7. As a part of a 3-year rollout program, the city has already discovered many of the benefits derived from this move.

According to Microsoft data, using Windows 7 has allowed Stockholm’s authorities to lower deployment and support costs; increase support effectiveness and the speed of overall deployment; and make impressive power savings. 

Stefan Schildt, the City of Stockholm’s Deputy Chief Information Officer, states “with our Windows 7 desktop environment, our taxpayers benefit from user-friendly, environmentally conscious IT services”.

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