Digital Values series: Securely Connected

The online world allows for people to be more connected than ever before. On the other hand, increasing connectivity intensifies the security risks.

If people we are connected to ignore some risks, what should the rest of us do? Do we need safety belts for the use of computers? How do we ensure that something good is not eliminated when trying to get rid of something bad?

Keynote: Mirco Rohr of Kaspersky Lab

Microsoft’s Digital Values series seeks to promote a collective discussion around salient consequences of our evolving relationship with computers. Digital Values focuses on the current challenges that innovative technology poses to consumers and citizens concerning existing governance structure. Topics such as fundamental rights, privacy, security, protection and trust should not be treated in isolation. We hope that practical and constructive proposals will emerge from the discussions.

Event date:  15 March 2011
Venue:  Executive Briefing Center, Avenue des Nerviens 85, 1040 Brussels
Spaces:  Invitation only

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The Digital Values series includes: