Private cloud services for the Government of Catalonia

In this case study, you can read about cloud computing has enabled the Government of Catalonia to expand its IT infrastructure to support 144,000 users in a cost-effective way.

The Government of Catalonia (Generalitat of Catalonia) is based in the North of Spain in the city of Barcelona. The Generalitat is the institution in which the self-government of Catalonia is politically organized, and is made up of the Parliament, the President of the Generalitat and the Government.

With the need to expand to 144.000 users, they needed a cost-effective and easy way to upgrade their IT infrastructure. 

With all this in mind, the Government of Catalonia turned to Microsoft Services and decided to fully migrate to cloud services transferring 105.00 users to email services via Exchange 2010. The initiative will generate savings varying from 20% in the migration from previous Exchange versions up to 83% in those from previous operator email services.

Moving and consolidating email services to the private cloud in the new datacenter of the Catalonian Government will increase productivity and flexibility for the civil servants, with a combination of heavy and light users across one application. In addition, users will benefit from secure performance, a reliable service, increased capabilities and access to services anytime, anywhere. The Government of Catalonia is leveraging with this initiative the reduction of energy consumption, high availability and the savings of server consolidation and virtualization with Microsoft Windows Server and Hyper-V technologies.

“Ensuring our IT operations are efficient while remaining reliable and secure is a key priority in ongoing, successful government operations. Microsoft’s solution delivers this – setting them apart from competitors with a service that will reduce our deployment and administration costs substantially with great access to features and easy management.” 

Carles Flamerich, Director General for Telecommunications and the Information Society of the Government of Catalonia

The project is part of increased efforts by the Government of Catalonia to deploy private cloud solutions, including the new 16,000 square meter datacenter to support more than 300 government institutions and around 230,000 users. This investment in the datacenter has allowed new synergies to be realized, with additional investment also being made in Catalonia with a private broadband network to link public buildings, such as schools, hospitals and government premises.

“At a time when governments globally are working with tighter budgets than ever before, the Catalonian Government’s decision to increase its use of cloud technology through Exchange 2010 is a positive step in increasing the effectiveness of its IT operations. Given Catalonia’s existing commitment to the cloud, we are looking forward to moving this relationship further – both within Catalonia and the wider Spanish government – and finding additional ways that cloud technologies can help improve the way they work.”

Niels Soelberg, Vice President Microsoft Public Sector Europe Middle East and Africa

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