Video interview: Jobs of the future, your access pass? Training and certifying for the cloud

Paving the way for new digital technologies such as the transition to the cloud requires a parallel investment in human capital.

Don Field, Senior Director of Microsoft Certification programs, takes this opportunity to talk with us about the exciting new opportunities that these technologies hold for SME’s and large businesses and the turning point that training platforms can make to equip a well prepared workforce.  We must think ahead and anticipate trends in the workplace in order to prepare the next generation and steer current employees for their future jobs. Microsoft certifications are plotted against a skills roadmap ,incorporating new skills for the cloud, that match developments in industry to talent pools. People that have validated skills that are transferable across industries and across boundaries will play a significant role in Europe meeting its goals for 2020.  

Jobs of the Future, Your Access Pass? Training… by MicrosoftEurope 

As you have seen from this video the drive for upskilling and lifelong learning stems from the impact of new economic and innovation based scenarios. Please watch this space for research findings from the London School of Economics that look at job shifts as we transition to a cloud based economy. The project ’Labour Market effects of the cloud’’ has initially shown that cloud computing will result in managerial and organizational changes across business.

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