Vital value of the cloud: Delivering patient-centred care

Can cloud computing put patients in control of their own health information? How can innovations in cloud technology help improve general standards of care across Europe? What are the benefits for healthcare organisations that have adopted the cloud as part of their operational structure? What are the benefits for the users?

Care organisations are already coming forward from both the private and public sectors to show how the unique benefits of cloud computing can transform their businesses in terms of savings and improved service levels. Not only does cloud computing automate certain processes which previously created a burdening administrative workload, it also enables a large amount of data to be made available in one place. Indeed – as this series of video interviews taken at a recent Health Users Group (HUG) event in Brussels shows – many organisations working within the field believe that this kind of use of the cloud in eHealth is essential. 

The cloud can create a cross-border source of information not only for organisations, but also for patients. In addition to the savings and efficiencies for organisations, the patients experience a far more active role in managing their own health because they can have access to their own health information, such as treatment instructions, wherever they go. And eHealth goes further than treatment alone—nutrition and general wellness information can also be used to its fullest extent on the cloud.

The following video demonstrates that cloud computing can put patients in control of their own health information, which underlines a core value in technological innovations: a greater focus on people. 

Vital value of the cloud – delivering… by MicrosoftEurope

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