Czech cloud innovator helping businesses save time and money

I am coming back with another example of an innovative business that helps build the European cloud market, Cigler Software.

Cigler Software offers an online service that helps business customers manage their accounts more effectively by keeping track of client and contact data and automatically generating invoices.  Its service is especially useful for small companies and sole traders, to make accounting tasks more simple, more secure, and less time-consuming.  It is also designed for language and legislative localization within the EU and can save businesses time and money.

Founded in 1990 and currently with 140 employees, Cigler Software has an established reputation as a tech leader in business software applications in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  It is now transitioning to the cloud, building its accounting software as a service (SaaS) on the Windows Azure platform.  The cloud platform enables Cigler to use more powerful computing resources to create a service that clients can access anywhere, and enables Cigler to expand its business easily while paying only for the computing resources it needs for the number of clients it has.

“ItsMyBill” is the cloud service from Cigler that received a “Best Solution for Windows Azure” award from the Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe region.   In addition to keeping track of payment details and generating invoices, it is a powerful online tool to run checks on the solvency of users’ clients and alerts them to risks.   It is also designed to work smoothly with Microsoft Office 365, for those clients using the cloud-based version of Office for business productivity applications.

As a SME providing productivity solutions to other SMEs, Cigler is using cloud computing to increase the competitiveness of European small businesses and is the type of IT company that can enhance economic growth prospects in Europe!

Each month, to highlight the continuing growth of cloud services provided by European SMEs, we will feature in the Microsoft Cloud & Interoperability Centre in Brussels, the technology of another innovative, growing small business

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