Cloud, the new playground for European SMEs

The world is changing. We now have something called cloud computing!

Today it only takes a couple of years to create a big global company that employs ten-thousands of people, just think of Skype! Skype was born in the cloud and has brought a cheaper way to make long distance calls without owning any infrastructure. Although Nokia owns the slogan “Connecting People”, who is better connecting people than Facebook? Today we see new business models born out of the cloud every day and more small businesses going global, thanks to benefits from the cloud.

In the old economy you always started locally. In the cloud you can start globally. Today it is easier than ever before to start a global business thanks to the cloud.

Cloud computing brings the ability to deliver globally at almost zero cost, cuts the time for getting to market. With cloud computing an entrepreneur can focus on his business.

Not everyone will create the next Google, YouTube, Facebook or Skype but enough people will start a new business that will bring economic prosperity to Europe, and respectively ensure a decent living for their families. After all, not every entrepreneur needs to be super big in order to change the world around him or her.

We all know that SMEs have the potential to increase employment rate in Europe, but they also need an efficient legislative framework. So the big question is, what can government elites do to help? First thing is to tear down the borders so that we can create a Digital European Single Market, take away rules around duplicated VAT and last, see the cloud as not only for super big companies but also as the best way for an SME to flourish.

If we have enough SMEs we will be vaccinated against unemployment! And with these flourishing SMEs we will have the right talent pool that will help us have the next Facebook coming from Europe!

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