Eye On Health in Germany with cloud computing

KMS Sales and Services offers data solutions to help the healthcare industry manage facilities, staffing, and patient needs. Its service is especially useful for healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics and insurance suppliers struggling to implement healthcare reform and to manage shrinking budgets. It helps them estimate future demand for healthcare and plan business development, when market comparison figures, information on physicians, and population statistics become invaluable.

Founded in 1996 and currently having 26 employees, KMS Sales and Services now provides comprehensive data-warehouse solutions to more than 400 hospitals in Germany. It has recently transitioned to the cloud using Microsoft SQL Azure database service to help create a centralized pool of data. The cloud platform proved a cost-effective and sustainable service enabling KMS to make market and corporate data centrally available and accessible with an excellent quality. By pooling data in a single source, KMS is able to offer a service that is more affordable for more hospitals.  The solution uses a hybrid-cloud model that uses different resources for confidential and non-confidential data, ensuring that confidential data is managed appropriately.

The KMS cloud-based service called EYE ON HEALTH received the Eurocloud Deutschland Award 2011 in the category Public Administration.  EYE ON HEALTH is a constantly updated and growing pool of demographic data, clinical data, lists of physicians, and infrastructure data. KMS uses Bing maps to display EYE ON HEALTH information in a geographical context, which helps to present the data in a way that is easy to understand and analyze. Healthcare providers can identify specific medical needs in particular communities, while investors can analyze market environments and plan future services. To meet the high standards of data protection required in the healthcare sector, EYE ON HEALTH delivers non-confidential data from the SQL Azure public database into the customer’s own applications and only then mixes that information with sensitive, internal data.

As a SME providing data solutions to the public sector, KMS is using cloud computing to make a real impact on patient care and will help healthcare professionals and investors improve healthcare management.

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