Building an innovative and competitive environment for SMEs in Europe

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Edit Herczog, member of the European Parliament, on what is needed to build an innovative and competitive environment for SMEs in Europe. As Edit mentions in her interview, only 8% of European SMEs are doing business across their national borders. This is a concern as they are not taking advantage of the opportunities provided by being part of the Single Market in the European Union.

Edit also underlines the importance of SMEs embracing technology developments – such as cloud computing – that can help them become more efficient and bring about new business opportunities. As Vice-President Kroes herself promised, we need to make Europe “cloud-active”.

I strongly recommend watching the full video, where Edit also gives a useful overview of initiatives launched by the EU institutions to support SMEs , including the Parliament SME intergroup and the new SME envoy.

Interview with MEP Edit Herczog: Building an… by MicrosoftEurope

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