Italian company building online efficiencies with cloud computing

In this case study, you can read about Desmoweb and their cloud-based solution jotURL that helps manage web content such as html, text, video & audio.

Desmoweb has developed jotURL, a solution that addresses a new need in the growing online world: the need to manage, monitor and update html, text, video & audio content, something that is becoming an increasing challenge for organisations for which it is not unusual to have hundreds or even thousands of web identities. This cloud-based service can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns, reducing costs and improving return-on-investment.
Italian company Desmoweb  was founded in 2010 by Janosch Lenzi, Riccardo Paci, Massimo Poli, Weruschka Lenzi. While young, the founders boast an impressive range of skills and experience between them, ranging from engineering and ICT degrees to previous roles as CTOs and technology consultants. The company is privately funded so far, but is now looking for external investment. CEO Janosch Lenzi explained: “Nowadays you can shorten URLS using one of the hundreds of tools available, but this creates its own problem: soon, companies often have so many URLs (and other digital assets) that they can be hard to manage, especially when they become out-of-date. For example, companies often publish URLs or QR codes on printed materials as well online.  Before we came along, there was no single, simple way to centrally manage all of an organisation’s URLs or QR codes.
Their service is cloud-based, using the Microsoft Azure platform. This makes it simple to organize thousands of URLs and other web-enabled content (including QR codes on product packaging) all from a single ‘dashboard’. The service monitors each link and its content, so if something changes, then the information is automatically updated. It doesn’t matter if a link is old, because the system knows where to automatically redirect people.
Janosch continued, “We’ve got several advantages from choosing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  In a relatively short time we have been able to offer can offer our customers a SLA agreement, with on demand resources and high scalability. The PaaS model means we can concentrate on our ideas and development and eliminate time wasted on infrastructure issues, like redundancy, server security & monitoring, backups and disaster recovery and so on). We can stretch our finances further toogives us the ability to reach a broader number of customers, selling a cloud service which needs just a browser to work.”

Janosch Lenzi added, “one of our customers is Zanichelli, a large Italian publisher, which has about 500 URLs and are going to be building it up to around 10,000, so this service is going to simplify the whole process of managing them both now and in the future.  Our prices plans range from a basic free option through to a 590 monthly Euro fee that has unlimited features. Our customers can be large or small, because this is something that matters to any organization, regardless of size.”
Desmoweb are also part of the Microsoft BizSpark program, which provides thousands of start-ups around the world with free technology, support and market visibility. “First, we have had great advice, through connecting with senior Microsoft professionals who have great technical experience. We have also benefitted from their business expertise and their ability to connect us with investors and angels,” said Janosch.

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