An Italian school reaches for excellence with innovative education

The School Istituto Laporta in Galatina is a school of excellence. The Partners in Learning (PIL) school programme marked an important step for the school. When the PIL programme was implemented, the school maximized its potential at national and international level.

Overall, the experience has been very positive experience and now, other schools want to benefit from their participation to the PIL in order to enhance their teaching methods to be more collaborative and innovative.

Each teacher and students have access to the latest Microsoft technology: Windows live, Office and SharePoint. The school teachers use Microsoft products every day for their proven competence. For example, students can access files sent by their teachers and easily share their work with their classmates. It enhances IT and collaborative skills as well as team work.

Microsoft is indeed very keen on bringing innovation in education and is prone to train the teachers to use the learning tools made available to them. Thanks to all the skills learnt at school, students will be able to work much better alongside other people when they land on the job market.

Watch the video here:

Partners in Learning school programme & Istituto Laporta in Galatina from Microsoft Europe on Vimeo.

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