Polish company brings together the community of blood collection centers and donors

Hilverse is a Polish company founded in December 2011 that runs a flagship project, LifeCircle+, which aims to revolutionise lifesaving methods by offering a comprehensive solution to existing challenges of the blood collection system.

The current blood collection system is facing 4 main challenges: low number of donors, the lack of a central database for blood centers, sub-optimal blood transport, and an imbalance of supply of different blood types.

The LifeCircle+ solution is based on 3 main modules. The first module consists of a mobile APP that provides a direct connection between donors and nearest blood centers by offering useful information about upcoming events, as well as enabling the donor to immediately react in case of a critical situation. The second module is the software implemented by blood centers that ensures an optimal management of the blood supply and the registered donors by calculating the best route for blood transports when needed and maintaining the center’s optimal level in blood banks. The third modules aims to promote the idea of becoming a donor and linking existing donors by connecting the APP users (blood donors) to popular social media sites.

By using the Windows Azure cloud platform to run LifeCircle+, Hilverse enjoys flexible scalability of this unique solution. This is very useful for managing a complex centralised database of donors, centers and events. Also, by using the power of the Microsoft Cloud, LifeCircle+ can take advantage of the possibility to deploy the system regardless of the geographical location. Since the application is using the power of the Azure Cloud, the donation centers can communicate efficiently with each other and track the right donors from any location.

The prototype of LifeCircle+ was developed by the winning team of the Polish Microsoft ImagineCup 2011. In 2012 the project was awarded the title of Best Application of the “Your business, your fame – 2012” in Poland.

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