Italian SME develops a platform for creating live and pre-recorded radio shows

Spreaker is an Italian start-up that won the European BizSpark Summit which was held from July 4th to 6th and gathered the European entrepreneurial community, including, start-ups, investors (VCs and Business Angels), press and government representatives in Berlin.

Founded in 2010 in Italy, Spreaker is a web and mobile application for creating and sharing audio, both live and pre-recorded. It allows people to capture live audio streams (interviews, music, comedy shows), edit them in real time by adding music and sound effects and share them through their social networks. Spreaker allows users to listen to other people´s audio posts, follow their favorite artists and comment on the latest entries.

The company currently has 12 employees and their primary markets include Italy (where the community management area is based), the United States (where the corporate services are located) and Berlin (where the development is located).

Spreaker´s founders chose to build their service on Microsoft Azure, due to its scalability, flexibility and the cost-savings related to this low maintenance platform. Spreaker CEO Francesco Baschieri explains that “by moving from our on premise Server infrastructure to Windows Azure, we are now able to scale our service quicker and in a very flexible way.”

Following the European BizSpark Summit win, the co-founders hope to see new opportunities to accelerate their notoriety and growth. Currently over 2 million people use their services, from different markets across the world – mainly US, Italy, UK and Latin America. The next step for Spreaker is to launch their App on Windows Phone by the end of the summer. We cannot wait to check it out there!

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