Translate Tweets automatically

In March this year, we talked about the huge progress made in machine translation and mentioned several tools available today to support multilingualism.Recently an addition was made to the list: new translation features, powered by Microsoft Translator, now appear in the Twitter app for Windows Phone. The functionality, available for the 38 languages (including 22 European ones), enables instant translation of tweets in a different language from that of the user.

With this update, a football fan can still follow the news about their favorite football team even if the breaking news on Twitter is not in their language. Tapping on a Tweet with a globe icon, which indicates translation is available, expands the Tweet and shows translated text right below the original content.

The integration of machine-translation technology from Microsoft Research has the ability to broaden any application’s impact through a substantial increase in accessibility to real-time communications and information sharing. No longer is language a barrier to real-time instant connections around the world.

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