GymRealm: SaaS designed especially for sport centers

This month we are featuring GymRealm, a BizSpark start-up founded in Bulgaria that has developed a cloud-based gym management and social networking web platform. This innovative company has been able to thrive amongst market competitors, and this is largely due to its ability to scale to size and save on infrastructural costs by building their platform on Windows Azure.

GymRealm CEO Dimitar Georgiev elaborates that “we use Windows Azure because of its seamless integration with .net, its reliability, and its startup friendly policies”. Cloud solutions, such as Windows Azure, are a key enabling technology that propels the growth of startups and SMEs, which in turn stimulates and strengthens the European economy. Cloud solutions enable start-ups like GymRealm to expand their computing resources on demand, eliminate major upfront capital costs, focus on their core competencies, and achieve security and reliability at unprecedented levels. Being part of the Microsoft BizSpark program, GymRealm benefits from reduced rate for operating its platform on Windows Azure.

GymRealm is currently deployed by twenty gyms based in Bulgaria, and two international gyms based in Croatia and South Africa, and this marks just the beginning of their outreach. Their social networking platform features 20 Gyms in Bulgaria.

The company currently has 6 employees and has been founded with the support of Eleven accelerator venture fund. Their business is gaining interest from international markets such as the UK, US and Africa and their next step will be to further expand their activity internationally. By the end of the year, they are expecting to increase their Business to Business service, and are striving to reach up to 100 Gyms. GymRealm is breaking into the industry as a promising solution in response to the demanding needs of the health and wellness!

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