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As the 2nd largest port in Europe, Hamburg’s port operations go across 7,399 hectares, or roughly 10,000 soccer pitches and requires a staff of 1,900 employees. In 2005 the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) was established, in order to manage navigational safety of vessel traffic, port railway facilities, port property management and the economic conditions within the port territory and during winter, it also manages public communications related to dangerous flooding.

With such a complex portfolio of responsibilities, HPA considers communication and access to information to be of utmost importance, so they are constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve information sharing and employee productivity.

After using Windows 7 for many years, HPA decided it needed to upgrade the software of all its employees to achieve higher levels of productivity . They were already confortable and trusted Microsoft products so they chose Office 365 ProPlus was the cloud-based solution.

“We felt like productivity was sometimes limited because employees had to return to their office desktop computers to check email and get work done. If we could provide them with modern devices equipped with familiar tools like Microsoft Office, they could work from anywhere in the port.” Says Stefan van Eijden, IT Infrastructure Manager at HPA. For its deployment HPA worked with Microsoft and its longtime IT consulting partner, Blue Communications Software.

The results? HPA saw a mayor boost in its employee’s productivity. Office 365 in the cloud allowed them to be more flexible, since they did not need to return to their desktop computers and could now work across multiple devices. Accessing their data and applications from wherever in the harbour they need to get work done is now possible. Moreover, there is application compatibility among all employees, improving service continuity.

Finally, there was an improvement in their emergency response which can be critical during stormy seasons. Key HPA staff use laptops during storm situations in the winter months, installed with Office 365. HPA can turn on these machines and the Office document and content updates will stream in the background. “During these emergency situations, communications are vital and every minute counts,” says van Eijden. “We can now expect Office applications like Outlook and Excel to be up and running almost immediately after we turn on the machines. This will help us improve the quality of our storm surge service.”

By upgrading the productivity tools of all its employees, Hamburg’s port has benefited as a whole. However it does not stop there. , By using technology, their increase in productivity has cascaded a positive impact in Hamburg’s city and community.

For more details on Hamburg’s Port Authority please visit this case study.

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