As students, does technology make us too dependable?

Technology is everywhere in our day to day lives. Who doesn’t appreciate watching the last episode of their favourite TV Show, going online on tablets, or simply catching up with our friends’ latest activities? We are more or less aware of the extent of our dependency on technology. However, a study driven by Microsoft is showing up just how dependent we actually are.

The study shows that if you give a student 400 euros, 1 in 3 would rather buy the latest than go on a trip with friends or buy other products. Is this surprising? Not really. Remember the last time you forgot your phone at home before heading off to Uni? Very frustrating, right? We indeed feel quite lost, almost naked without all these gadgets.

One student out of four would prefer living up until 60 years, with a connection to Internet, rather than living up to 80 years without Internet. In short, some of us would be ready to sacrifice 20 years, just to be able to continue accessing the internet. Seriously?

Furthermore, one out of four students would prefer to run around naked in the street rather than make their activities public online (I’d prefer not to witness the scene when it happens) and 1 in 3 students have preferred an entire life of free applications instead of free food, to nourish their huge appetite for entertainment. Maslow’s theory could be revised according to the current evolution of our needs, for Internet!

But, what about the way technology is used? 20% of the surveyed students admit they not always use technology in order to study more efficiently. Still, two in three students complain that they no have enough time to do what they have to do.

In my opinion, the main purpose of technology is to make our lives easier and hence, help us gain time, so that we can spend it doing what we really love. The thought of spending my entire life in front of a screen without achieving anything is not very appealing.

As for me, I managed to balance both my academic and personal life with my Surface and the latest version of Office 365. Now, I can take notes at school, manage them or collaborate on a group project easily. I can also synchronize and access all my files simultaneously thanks to SkyDrive (long live the cloud!) from my tablet and my smartphone. It’s simple and makes me much more efficient when studying. I don’t have to compromise going out with my friends, seeing the latest movie or practicing a sport

Let’s stop wasting our time, and let’s start making the most of it instead!


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