Fingersoft Ltd: a mobile gaming phenomenon

This month we are featuring Fingersoft Ltd., a startup founded in 2012 in Finland. Fingersoft’s team of 11 people is comprised of software and mobile technology enthusiasts who have created popular games such as Benji Bananas and Hill Climb Racing that have attracted millions of users world-wide. Their global outreach and popularity is attributed to their online distribution through the Windows Store. Fingersoft’s main game designs and development is targeted to tablets and mobile phones, and the Windows platform enables them to reach a larger audience globally through multiple channels.

Starting as a “small indie game studio”, Fingersoft has evolved to its current scale by leveraging cloud computing technology. The emergence of the App economy, which is fuelled by cloud computing technology, has changed the landscape for game developers. It has created a market that is conducive to the growth of companies of all sizes to reach a global competitive advantage. Game developers, such as Fingersoft, currently have the advantage of lower distribution costs, as well as increased speed and entry to global markets. These factors have contributed heavily to this startup gaining world-wide momentum and success.

Due to the exponential increase in downloads of their games, Fingersoft is seeking to increase its capacity and to further utilize cloud services to match the demand of their users. Being part of the Microsoft BizSpark program; the startup has majorly benefited from receiving the latest version of the best development tools to launch their company from their initial growth stages.

Fingersoft’s games are available globally; the top three markets they have experienced success in are the US, India, and Russia and they are gaining significant visibility in Western European Countries. The company is currently involved with a large community of gamers and collaborators based in Finland that work together to stimulate ideas for new games and applications. Fingersoft intends to further grow in its popular markets and is leveraging the Windows platform to gain a wider audience to provide their stellar games to new untapped markets.

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