Technology advancements and their impact on European business

Small European businesses have the opportunity technology. Is your business a technology laggard, follower or leader? We have the key findings of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). This study showed how those adopt cloud computing) outperform the other two categories, both in terms of revenue and job creation. However, I wanted to go more in depth and check how this can work to the advantage of European businesses. I have with Derek Kennedy, Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group and asked him for his views.

He explained that technology leaders take advantage of the latest resources to find and access new customer bases and they use cloud computing to scale their business with a pay as you go model, which evens the ground between small and large companies. They are the creators of new businesses models. He also underlined that it is also key to take into account the potential policy implications. For this, three areas should be tackled: affordability, accessibility and last but not least, capability.

To learn more about these areas, and why your small business should grasp technological innovation in order to compete in the European market (and even further!) take a look at this video interview. For SMEs technology means growth, will you be a laggard or a leader? Be sure to tweet us your opinion!

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