30 phones, 30 cities, the biggest experiment in social photography. Meet the Pass it on project

Whether you are in Stockholm or Budapest, you probably have a one-of-a-kind perspective of your own city. It might even differ entirely from the one your loud neighbour, funky friend or inspiring teacher has. Whereas you might be completely in awe with the architecture surrounding you, other people might find charm and local essence in the way a tiny and family-run restaurant presents its dishes. So, what would happen if 30 Nokia Lumia 1020s were sent to 30 cities across the globe, allowing citizens to document their city in 10 photos before handing it to whoever they want? To see the results you should check Pass it on, the biggest project in social photography launched by Nokia. Who will be next and what will be captured is still a mystery.

Many European cities have already been immortalized and the results are nothing less than stunning, let’s take a tour!





To find about other cities and more about the project go to the official website or take a look at this video! Plus, keep your eyes open! You could be the next one to grab the phone!

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