Learn to tell stories with data at the Excel for Research webinar

Puzzled about data science? There are many views about what you can achieve through data collection, management and wrangling, yet one of them is that data science is all about telling stories.

Still, these stories are definitely not fiction, on the contrary, they are facts.

Finding and telling compelling stories through data is not an easy task, traditionally Microsoft Word and PowerPoint were the weapons of choice. However, in the new era of data-intensive research, Microsoft Excel is becoming the new star. Now with Power BI for Office 365, the new multipurpose-tool for the data scientist— you are able to clean, slice, dice, plot, map, and animate your data easily.

To find out more about how Excel and Power BI can help your research, tune into our webinar on February 26, 2014, at 16:00 UTC/GMT (08:00 PST), and we’ll walk you through how to find, query, analyze, and visualize your data in new ways. Register to join us for this free, interactive webinar.

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